We make upcycled products available at scale

We are experts in creating valuable upcycled products from scalable sources of waste, biproducts, unused resources and discarded production
Where others see waste, we see opportunities

Through know-how, innovation and product development, 
we innovate the products of tomorrow with the waste of today

Together with our trusted production partners, we offer our products at scale to the market both as alternatives to existing products and as new innovative solutions

We offer our products to the professional customer with warranties, guaranteed delivery, certifications and documentations

A magician never reveals,
but have a peek into our methodology

End Grain Flooring x NORTO

1. Waste collection

Raw offcuts and discarded material is collected at the production facility

2. Planing and sawing

The collected material is planed and sawn to the
desired dimensions

3. Installing the floor

The result is a wooden ‘brick’, which can be laid in a myriad of patterns

New aarch end grain flooring

4. Finished product

When the desired pattern is laid, the product can be treated as any sturdy wooden floor

Acoustic Textile Batts

1. Textile collection

Worn out work wear is collected, cleaned and then sorted.

2. Shredding & pressing

The textile is shredded into small fibres. Afterwards they are mixed with a binder and pressed into batts.

3. Application

Due to sorting we can produce a range of colours and densities. The textile batts can be applied the same as any other high quality sound absorption batts.

4. Combining Nærø with other waste fractions

Nærø will improve any noisy indoor environment and visually tell a story of textile waste. Here we have combined it with our beautiful red core beech in Kiø Framed Textile