The challenges
we must solve

We believe in sharing knowledge.
The world is full of challenges, that
we must solve as soon as possible.

Here we will share what we are concerned with in our practice, so that you may better understand what we’re working with and why.

The #1 consumer of raw material


More efficient use and recycling of raw materials, even a small improvement, offer huge potential benefits.

“The construction industry is the single largest global consumer of resources and raw materials. It consumes about 50% of global steel production and, each year, 3 billion tonnes of raw materials are used to manufacture building products worldwide.” Read the paper from the OECD here.

A lion's share in the generation of waste

The construction and demolition industries are the biggest sinners when it comes to waste generation in Europe.

In the EU, construction and demolition alone contributed to 35.7% of the total waste generated in 2018. Read the paper from Eurostat here.

a:gain is devoted in converting waste to building components


Global floor area is expected to double by 2060

According to the United Nations, jumping from 235 billion square meters floor space in 2016, to 465bn square meters in 2060. Read the article from Ramboll here