Bronsø - The Upcycled Choice

By Kasper Feddern


Bronsø - The Upcycled Choice

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In the world of sustainable construction, innovation is key. Contractors and building owners are increasingly looking for a more eco-friendly material that do not compromise on quality or aesthetics. Enter Bronsø, a thermally treated wooden facade cladding produced by a:gain. Made from upcycled, discarded wood, Bronsø offers a remarkable 70-80% CO₂ reduction compared to similar products. This article explores the unique features and benefits of Bronsø, including its various profile combinations and sustainable impact.

What is Bronsø?

Bronsø is a thermally treated wooden facade cladding that stands out for its upcycling and versatility. It is crafted from discarded wood, which is a byproduct of regular wooden goods production. By using materials that would otherwise go to waste, Bronsø helps reduce environmental impact significantly.

The Upcycling of Bronsø

One of the most compelling features of Bronsø is its 70-80% CO₂ reduction versus similar products. This impressive statistic highlights the product’s environmental benefits and aligns with the growing demand for green building materials.

Waste-Based Profile Combinations

Bronsø’s unique approach involves utilizing waste-based profile combinations. This not only maximizes the use of available resources but also adds to the distinct aesthetic appeal of each installation.

Profile Combinations and Customization

Bronsø offers a range of profile combinations to cater to different design needs. Here are some of the options:


– T – Tongue and Groove: Ideal for a seamless, uniform look.


– H – Horizontal Installation: Perfect for modern, linear designs.


– L – Lamellas: Adds texture and depth to facades.


Standard Thickness and Lengths: The standard thickness of Bronsø cladding is 18mm. Boards are available in decreasing lengths from 1.8 to 5.4 meters, with deviations of 30 cm, and come in a mix of three different widths.

Creating a Unique Expression

One of the standout aspects of Bronsø is its ability to help create a unique expression for your building project. By selecting different profiles and mixing widths, you can achieve a custom look that sets your building apart.


Get in touch with us early in the process so that together we can create a unique expression for your project.

The Sorting and Collection Process

The process of creating Bronsø starts with sorting out all planks and boards that are typically discarded due to aesthetic “defects”. These imperfections are embraced and become a part of Bronsø’s charm.


1. Collection

  • Discarded planks of pine are set aside during regular production based on specific sorting criteria.


2. Mixing

  • To deliver at scale, profiles, widths, and thicknesses are mixed. The boards are end-matched to simplify the installation process.


3. Installation

  • Bronsø is installed like any other standard facade cladding, making it familiar to most carpenters.


Embracing Material Imperfections

Bronsø proudly embraces material imperfections, which contribute to its unique aesthetic. Here are some of the accepted imperfections:


  • Cracked knots: Without structural implication.
  • Knot corner missing: Adds character to the wood.
  • Knot cracks: Up to 3 mm.
  • Checks: Up to 3 mm.


For the full sorting criteria, please refer to the Technical Specification document available for download.

Bronsø – The Upcycled Choice

The Finish of Bronsø

The wood used in Bronsø has a deep golden brown finish resulting from the heat treatment process. Over time, with continued exposure to UV, this finish will turn a beautiful silvery grey. The wood requires no further finishing once it has been thermally treated.


Choosing and Specifying Profiles

You can mix profiles from our web assortment or contact us for further information on available profile types. When placing an order, please specify the amount in meters of material, not square meters, to ensure accurate delivery.


What is Bronsø made from?

  • Bronsø is made from upcycled, discarded wood, a byproduct of regular wooden goods production.


How does Bronsø contribute to sustainability?

  • Bronsø offers a 70-80% CO₂ reduction compared to similar products, significantly reducing environmental impact.


What profile combinations are available with Bronsø?

  • Bronsø offers various profile combinations, including Tongue and Groove, Horizontal Installation, and Lamellas.


How does the installation process of Bronsø compare to other cladding materials?

  • Bronsø can be installed like any other standard facade cladding, making it familiar to most carpenters.


What are the accepted material imperfections in Bronsø?

  • Accepted imperfections include cracked knots, knot corners missing, knot cracks up to 3 mm, and checks up to 3 mm.


Does Bronsø require any additional finishing?

  • No, once Bronsø wood is thermally treated, it needs no further finishing.


Bronsø from a:gain is not just a product; it’s a commitment to sustainability and innovation in the construction industry. By choosing Bronsø, contractors and building owners etc. can significantly reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying a unique, customizable facade cladding solution. Get in touch with us early in your project to explore how Bronsø can help you create a distinctive and eco-friendly building.

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