Circular Furniture Days

By Kasper Feddern & Mikayla Baldwin


Circular Furniture Days

We are attending Circular Furniture Days 2024.

Circular Furniture Days is arranged by Lifestyle & Design Cluster is taking place in the garden of Designmuseum Danmark.


Opening hours: 10 AM – 17 PM, June 12th – June 14th.


Circular Furniture Days is being made into a reality in close partnership with Formland, Plantindustrien and Designmuseum Danmark and is a part of 3 Days of Design.

The event withholds a variety of different innovative furniture- and interior brands presenting circular solutions and business models.

Alongside the stated, there will also be different debates, talks and pop-up events with a focus on knowledge-sharing and the endless possibilities within the circular transformation.


About Circular Furniture Days

The event picks and presents furniture and interior products or solutions, which in some way or another is related to the circular economy. The following topics are examples of what can be found at the event:

  • Produced from recycled, surplus, and/or organic material.
  • Produced using renewable or sustainable energy.
  • Designed for durability.
  • Easy to repair and refurbish.
  • Designed for disassembly so materials can be recycled.
  • Available for lease instead of being sold.
  • Have components that can be recycled in other processes or products.
  • Part of a take-back scheme ensuring products or materials can be incorporated into new products/solutions.

The exhibitions will be curated regarding their initiatives, evaluated from the themes:

  • Circular Design
  • Production and distribution
  • Use
  • Recycling and Reusing
  • Materials/Sourcing

Friday the 14th of June at 11.00 to 12.00

Circularity – How to make it work.

Location: The Garden Grønnegaarden, at the Design Museum, Bredgade 68, 1260 København, Danmark


The holistic perspective of business models, materials, manufacturing, technology, and scale.

The Danish Circularity Gap report found that Denmark is only 4% circular. This very low number points to the vast number of challenges we face in the transition to circularity.  Most aspects of our current patterns and processes need rethinking to get there.

In this conversation we will talk with three innovative companies that work with upcycling and material innovation, manufacturing and product development and service and logistics solutions, with a high level of technology implementation in most steps. The three companies work with circularity as their foundation – and are gaining scale and traction with their solutions.


Our Chief Sales Officer at a:gain, Jesper Wøldike Brandt, will be attending a panel debate along side Anders Jepsen, CEO of NORNORM, Jarl Engelbrecht Vindnæs, Founder of Stykka and Frederik Thrane, Moderator of Lifestyle & Design Cluster.


The full program of the event, can be found at:


You can sign up for the panel discussion right here: Podio

Displaying our Products

At the event, you will be able to see a variety of our products such as Fusø, Kiø/Nærø, Hjælmø, Funderø and our newest product, Marø.


Fusø is our tabletops made from used DraughtMaster Kegs from our collaborators at Carlsberg. For every m2 of Fusø we are alleviating 22kg of material from waste streams.


Kiø is our framed acoustic panels and are built in two different variations – Kiø Beech & Douglas both incorporated with our Nærø Acoustic Batts.


Kiø Beech alleviates 3.2kg of material from waste streams per panel produced, of which about 2kg is textile. Whereas Kiø Douglas alleviates 3kg of material from waste streams per panel, where 2kg is textile.


Hjælmø is our end grain brick flooring, that can be laid in either banded or herringbone to create the perfect flooring for you. Buy choosing Hjælmø you are saving 8.8kg net CO2 per m2 compared to incineration and 11kg of material is alleviated from waste streams per m2.


Funderø is our parquet flooring and can be built in either banded, 90s or crooked herringbone. With Funderø there is 60-85% CO2 reduction versus similar products and 15kg of material alleviated from waste streams per m2.


Our latest and newest product is Marø, which is a universal and unique plastic board made from post-consumer or medical waste. Did you know that 340,000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated by Danish households annually, and by buying Marø you are saving 17.9kgs of waste per m2.

Circular Furniture Days

Guided Tours

At Circular Furniture Days, there will be guided tours around the exhibition, where the companies will be presenting their products.


In connection to the event, there’s a row of relevant talks and engaged debates. The presenters and the people debating will be putting their focus on actual topics that lean towards the furniture- and interior industry.


Other fantastic companies that are also exhibiting are, Mater, Wahlers, Small Revolution, Målbar, NORNORM and many more!


Come visit a:gain, and get a tour of the variety of products that we have to offer!