Ejendomsmessen 2023

By Christian Wittrup


Ejendomsmessen 2023

On the 27th and 28th of September 2023 you can find a:gain at booth F06 at Ejendomsmessen in Brøndbyhallen.


Beginning of November (1st and 2nd) you can find a:gain at booth 45 at Building Green DK in Forum.

But, you are also always very welcome to reach out to ‘us younger and less climate-damaging suppliers’ and have us do a mini and private arrangement at your own office, just as C.F. Møller Architects and Lone Wiggers did so brilliantly.


It is so important that the news and knowledge about biobased, direct re-used and upcycled products are brought to the attention of building owners, to architects and contractors as fast as possible, as we must build radically differently now.

However, bringing e.g. many architects from CF Møller Copenhagen out of office, away from their design, away from their internal and external meetings can be difficult (and expensive).


Hence, we hope that other larger architectural companies, contractors and building owners will copy-with-pride what C.F. Møller Architects recently facilitated, and had many smaller green(er) suppliers at their office from before, during and after lunch-time at their office.


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Ejendomsmessen 2023