Flarø FR: Fire-Retardant Waste-Based Acoustic Panelling

By Kasper Feddern


Flarø FR: Fire-Retardant Waste-Based Acoustic Panelling


In an era where sustainability is paramount, Flarø FR emerges as a revolutionary solution in acoustic panelling. This fire-retardant panel, crafted from discarded Douglas fir wood, seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. Flarø FR is designed to enhance acoustics in any space while significantly reducing environmental impact. Let’s explore the details of Flarø FR and understand how this product can transform your interior projects.

What is Flarø FR?

Flarø FR is a fire-retardant acoustic wall panel made from discarded Douglas fir wood from regular production. The standard version comes with a black glass fiber cloth, with wooden lamellas arranged in a visually pleasing pattern.

Environmental Impact of Flarø FR

Flarø FR significantly contributes to environmental protection by repurposing wood waste. Here are some key environmental figures:

  • 6.6kg of Douglas fir wood alleviated from waste streams per m²
  • 395,000 tonnes of reusable wood are discarded annually in Denmark (Source: Miljøstyrelsen)

Product Data


  • Product: Fire-retardant waste-based acoustic panelling
  • Wood: Discarded Douglas fir from regular production
  • Textile: Glass fiber cloth or textile
  • Treatment: Waterborne lacquer
  • Fire Class: Indicative SBI test: B, s1-d0
  • Sound Class: Expected Class A with the right absorbent
  • Module Height: 2455 (or 2755) mm
  • Module Width: 480 mm
  • Thickness: 83 mm including mounting battens
  • Installation: Front facing screws
  • Made in: Denmark
  • Collaborator: Overgaard Wood

High Fire Performance

The lamellas are made from solid discarded Douglas fir, adding complexity to fire testing but also making this product unique in the market. Numerous tests have achieved a Bs1d0 classification. An official certification is expected in spring 2024.


Functional and Beautiful Product

The standard version of Flarø FR comes with a black glass fiber cloth but allows for customization. Combined with Gabriel textiles, Flarø FR fits all types of environments. The wooden lamellas vary in dimensions and are arranged in a pattern that remains aesthetically pleasing even when covering large areas.


Acoustic Performance

The acoustic performance is categorized in sound absorption classes from A-E, with A having the highest absorption. The following sound absorption results are based on mounting Flarø FR directly on mineral wool with a thickness of 45 mm:

  • Class: A
  • Weighted Absorption Coefficient: 0.90
laying out lamellas to match together

Materials and Production Process


  1. Collection: Douglas fir wood for Flarø FR is sourced from a Danish wood manufacturer. The wood is discarded due to knots and cracks.
  2. Milling: The wood is processed at Overgaard Wood in Fredericia, where it is rough cut for production.
  3. Profiling: Profiles are minimized to ensure agile manufacturing and optimized material use.
  4. Manufacturing: The Douglas fir is turned into our final products, such as Flarø Douglas panels.

Material Characteristics

  • Knots: All knots are allowed unless they affect functionality.
  • Grain: Unlike veneered wood, the grain may vary between lamellas.
  • Color: The color varies slightly with the wood’s natural hues.
  • Finish: Our waterborne wax comes in three colors, selectable in the left-hand menu. The wax is spray-applied and maintenance-free, though it can be repainted after many years.

How to Specify Flarø FR

Choose Textile

Explore our textile options here: Flarø FR

Choose Height

Flarø FR comes in two heights: 2455 mm and 2755 mm.

Define Order Size

Specify the quantity you wish to purchase.


What is Flarø FR made of?

Flarø FR is made from discarded Douglas fir wood and glass fiber cloth or textile.


How does Flarø FR contribute to sustainability?

Flarø FR repurposes discarded wood, reducing waste and environmental impact.


Can Flarø FR be customized?

Yes, Flarø FR can be customized with various textiles and dimensions.


What is the fire classification of Flarø FR?

Flarø FR has a fire classification of B, s1-d0.


How is the acoustic performance of Flarø FR?

Flarø FR has a sound absorption class A with a weighted absorption coefficient of 0.90.


Where is Flarø FR made?

Flarø FR is made in Denmark in collaboration with Overgaard Wood.


Flarø FR is more than just an acoustic panel; it represents a sustainable solution that combines high fire resistance with excellent acoustic properties. By choosing Flarø FR, you contribute to a greener future while enhancing the acoustics and safety of your indoor environments. Experience the difference with Flarø FR, the fire-retardant waste-based acoustic panel that makes a difference.


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