Marø Plastic Waste Board: The Upcycled Choice for Versatile Interiors

By Kasper Feddern


Marø Plastic Waste Board: The Upcycled Choice for Versatile Interiors


The world is moving towards sustainability, and upcycled building materials are at the forefront of this revolution. Marø, a versatile plastic waste board, is an innovative product that embodies the principles of recycling and environmental stewardship. Made from post-consumer and industrial waste plastics, Marø offers four distinct variants suitable for a myriad of applications, including kitchen countertops, desks, shelving, and restaurant tables. Let’s dive into the comprehensive details of Marø and explore how it can transform your interior projects while benefiting the environment.

What is Marø?

Marø is a unique plastic board created from Danish post-consumer or medical waste. This product is a testament to the potential of recycling, offering a sustainable solution for various interior applications. Its composition of 100% polypropylene (PP) ensures durability and versatility.

Environmental Impact of Marø

Marø not only provides a practical solution for interior design but also significantly reduces environmental impact. Here are some compelling numbers:


  • 34 kg CO2e footprint: The carbon footprint of Marø
  • 29 kg CO2e reduction compared to the industrial average: This significant reduction highlights Marø’s environmental benefits.
  • 36 kg waste saved: Each Marø board saves a substantial amount of waste from ending up in landfills.


These figures are based on internal calculations, underscoring the importance of choosing upcycled materials.

Product Data


  • Product: Danish post-consumer or medical waste board
  • Material: 100% PP (Polypropylene)
  • Source: Danish post-consumer or medical waste
  • Colour Options: Speckled Blue, Carlsberg Green, Carlsberg Grey, Grey Marbled, Carlsberg Light Grey, Sprinkle Blue, Plain Grey
  • Dimensions: Length – 2000 mm, Width – 1000 mm, Thickness – 19 mm
  • Installation: Wide threaded screws
  • Heat Resistance: 150 degrees Celsius
  • Made in: Denmark


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Material Characteristics

  • Cutting: As a thermplastic, machinery should run slowly through the material.
  • Colour Variations: Due to the recycled materials, colour batches may vary.
  • Surface: Sanded smooth, requiring minimal maintenance

Household and Medical Waste Recycling

Denmark generates approximately 240,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually, with only 36% being recycled. Marø helps address this issue by being a 100% recyclable product. When your Marø board reaches the end of its lifecycle, it can be melted down and repurposed into new products.


Waste saved

  • 17.9 kg of plastic waste saved per m²
  • 340,000 tonnes of plastic waste generated by Danish households annually


Recycling Process

  1. Collection: Plastic waste is collected, sorted, and cleaned.
  2. Granulation: Materials are ground into flakes and melted into pellets.
  3. Extrusion & Heat Pressing: Pellets are heated and extruded into boards with unique patterns and colors.
  4. Finishing: Boards are milled, sanded, and edges are treated.

Benefits of Using Marø


Marø boards are suitable for various applications, including:

  • Kitchen Countertops: Durable and heat-resistant.
  • Desks: Stylish and functional.
  • Shelving: Strong and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Restaurant Tables: Unique and sustainable.



  • Colour Options: Choose from a range of colors to match your interior design.
  • Size Specifications: Available in custom sizes and shapes.
  • Edge Specifications: Standard slightly rounded edges, with options for sharp or more rounded edges.



Choosing Marø contributes to reducing plastic waste and lowering your carbon footprint. Each board is a step towards a more sustainable future.

Something for Everyone

Whether you prefer a board that blends seamlessly into your decor or one that makes a bold statement, Marø offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Each board is unique, reflecting the recycled materials used in its creation.

Choose Your Marø Board

Colour Options

Marø comes in various colors, allowing you to select the perfect match for your project. Options include:

  • Grey Marbled
  • Carlsberg Green
  • Carlsberg Light Grey
  • Sprinkle Blue
  • Plain Grey


Specify Sizes and Shapes

Marø boards can be tailored to your specific dimensions, whether round, square, or custom shapes to fit your design requirements.


Edge Specfications

As a standard, Marø boards have slightly rounded edges. However, you can choose sharp or more rounded edges to suit your aesthetic preferences.


What is Marø made from?

Marø is made from 100% polypropylene sourced from Danish post-consumer and medical waste.


How does Marø contribute to sustainability?

Marø reduces plastic waste by repurposing it into durable boards, lowering the carbon footprint and saving waste from landfills.


Can Marø be customized?

Yes, Marø boards can be customized in terms of size, shape, and edge specifications.


What are the color options for Marø?

Marø is available in Grey Marbled, Carlsberg Green, Carlsberg Light Grey, Sprinkle Blue, and Plain Grey.


Is Marø heat resistant?

Yes, Marø can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius.


How is Marø installed?

Marø boards are installed using wide threaded screws for secure attachment.


Marø is more than just a plastic board; it represents a commitment to sustainability and innovation. By choosing Marø, you are not only opting for a high-quality, versatile product but also contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and carbon emissions. Embrace the future of sustainable interior design with Marø, the plastic waste board that makes a difference.