Project Træ in Aarhus

By Christian Wittrup


Project Træ in Aarhus

a:gain products for Træ in Aarhus

It has been +3 years in the making and we have for a long time been in close corporation with Lendager, with Artelia Denmark, with Kaj Ove Madsen A/S Aarhus, with Kilden & Hindby and with PFA The Union and we are proud, finally, to announce that we will deliver to ground floor section at project TRÆ.


We now deliver a:gain Funderø, a:gain Hjælmø and a:gain Dybø in very large scale for TRÆ. Now, also a:gain Viddø in scale. So important with frontrunners in the market who lead the way. Thanks to all partners involved!


The pictures of Viddø also shown here, are for two smaller projects already delivered and mounted on Zealand. We will tell more about this later, as we are equally proud of those as well.


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Project Træ in Aarhus