Windmill: Waste problem or POTENTIAL?

By Christian Wittrup


Windmill: Waste problem or POTENTIAL?

We are upcycling wind turbine blades!

The ambition of a:gain is to make an impact in scale. To drive the real estate business in a direction towards less usage of raw materials and to ensure that materials are not incinerated or deposited.

We strive to hold focus on chosen upcycled products that we believe will succeed in scale and hereby save scarce virgin resources. However, as a brand promise and following our Manifesto, we additionally must always be eager to explore and locate other possible waste-streams. As part of our legacy from Lendager (from whom we were sold from ~ 2 years ago), we have continued working with and striving to save expired wind turbine blades.

This has meant that we are now in the process of upcycling expired Siemens Gamesa blades and making them into new solar shading on TRÆ. Predominantly along with MT Højgaard Danmark who are cutting down the wind sections into smaller pieces, and to be installed on the façade as solar shading in close collaboration with ALUX A/S – Sun & Safe Systems.

Why don’t you follow the Youtube channel driven by Anders Lendager and Anders Morgenthaler to get some further insights. In addition, you might also want to follow our Morten Risom Nielsen and Mathias Ruø Rasmussen who both have shared insights on the process. We admire the ‘craziness’ of the sustainable changemakers at Lendager. Whether it is a scalable solution remains to be further explored, however, once again we believe that Anders Lendager succeeds to point the eyes of the world towards a huge problem – the wind turbine blade waste. Pssst: We as a society unfortunately also have the same issue for glass fiber yachts all over the world.

We look forward to sharing more exciting news concerning a:gain and the project TRÆ at later stages.



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