ABC Engineering Headquarters

ABC Engineering Headquarters

ABC Engineering Headquarters

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ABC Engineering Headquarters

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Glostrup, Copenhagen


ABC Rådgivende Ingeniører

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Park Street Nordicom


Park Street Nordicom


Park Street Nordicom


The engineering company, ABC Rådgivende Ingeniører, has a strong focus on structural engineering but creates partnerships with other engineering disciplines. Sustainability has had an ever-increasing focus. A strong focus and competence area within wooden structures is one visible proof of this focus. Additionally, a team of DGNB consultants is growing, and as a part of ABC Engineering moving from Rødovre to Glostrup, there was a desire to try to incorporate upcycled furniture in the cantina area. Upcycled furniture does not in itself solve the issue we face with scarce resources. However, risk levels (opposed to e.g. the primary structural elements of a building) are low and furthermore, they act as a conversation starter. A conversation on how we as a society can, and must, prevent materials from being incinerated or deposited. A fun fact about this delivery is that the revenue made by a:gain, was reinvested directly into an additional firestop test at DBI of the a:gain Bronsø wooden façade. It passed the test, thereby enabling a 2.500 m2 order of Bronsø to succeed for another project made by Skanska. All small actions lead to larger successes, also when it comes to saving scarce resources.


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By a:gain x Wehlers

R.U.M. is short for Re-Used Materials. Repurposed plastic and circular economy are key themes associated with this chair and with Wehlers’ philosophy. The circular mindset is evident, among other things, in that only two materials have been used in the production of R.U.M. The plastic and steel components are assembled with bolts, making disassembly a breeze, and both materials can be recycled 100%.

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