Daarbak Design Showrooms

Daarbak Design Showrooms

Daarbak Design Showrooms

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Daarbak Design Showrooms

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Roskilde & Vejle


Daarbak Design

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Daarbak Design


In Vejle and Roskilde a:gain products are now priding some of Daarkbak Design's most busy meeting rooms with recycled panels. Here the sales force, as well as their clients can enjoy the luxurious Flarø panels in Black Coffee. Furthermore, plans are in place to furnish the rooms with the deep brown panels as a focal point, picking furniture that works in tandem with them - and in this case our recycled panels, Flarø.


Estimated kilos of total waste saved


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Kiø Beech
Acoustic Panels

Kiø framed acoustic panels are made out of repurposed textile felt and upcycled discarded wood from a major Danish contractor. This unique product can be used as a decorative and sound-absorbing wall piece.

Recycled panels for daarbak showroom

Acoustic Panels

Black Coffee wax finish and with Nærø acoustic batt in Light Grey in Vejle and in Wild Ocean in Roskilde.

panels that have been recycled before usuage