Epic Skanska

Epic Skanska

Epic Skanska

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Epic Skanska

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Malmö, Sweden



Building owner

Skanska Sweden




Skanska Öresund

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17000 Acoustic panels & 1500 m²


Epic Skanska is an office project in Malmö, which represents a new generation of modern and sustainable initiatives for office buildings with a big focus on health and well-being. In the atrium, the focus has been on using repurposed and upcycled building materials to really fulfull the part of having these sustainable initiatives. For the Epic Skanska project, 17,000 m2 of acoustic panels of upcycled wood, from worn-out window frames and demolition wood from Skanska's own demolition, have been delivered. The acoustic panels also consist of an underlying felt made of repurposed plastic (PET). 400 m2 of concrete tiles have been laid in sand, on the floor. Aggregate in the concrete tiles is brick residues from the brickworks that have produced the facade stones for the building. This has all been a part of working together with a:gain.


Acoustic facade cladding

Upcycled worn out window frames and waste wood from Skanska’s own demolition, with 100% repurposed PET felt.

sustainable initiatives EPIC Skanska - Acoustic Panel Wood

Upcycled concrete flooring tiles

Concrete tiles made with aggregate from Epic Skanska’s own demolition and construction sites.

sustainable initiatives in form of tiles