Søren Jensen HQ, Europa Plads

Søren Jensen HQ, Europa Plads

Søren Jensen HQ, Europa Plads

Project title

Søren Jensen HQ, Europa Plads

Year finished



Århus, Danmark

Building Owner

Danica Ejendomme


Luplau Poulsen


Raundahl & Moesbye


Hjælmø (Granslev Tømrer) and Tystø (DEKO)


Søren Jensen Rådg. Ing.


A 19.000 m2 office building has been build in Århus just nearby DOKK1. The project has been DGNB Gold certified. One of the tenants, Søren Jensen Engineering, insisted and fought for less climate-damaging choices of building components and interior to be used for their 3rd floor. In close corporation with building owner, Danica Ejendomme, they wanted to showcase how much that could be saved from another Danica Ejendomme estate called Nauticon, in Copenhagen. They have worked with bio based products, with 1-.1 direct re-use, and then also further chosen upcycled end grain brick flooring by a:gain. Finally, it was chosen to save demolition glass from Nauticon with demolisher, Tscherning, and upcycled by DEKO and a:gain into the new Tystø glass partition wall. Besides the demolition glass, the wood is discarded wood. The upcycled flooring emission is approved according to REIS Ref. 6F006139


End Grain Flooring

Hjælmø end grain flooring is recycled from surplus material and offcuts accumulated during the production of pine slats and window frames. The wood is sorted out due to knots, which do not affect the durability and strength when used as brick flooring.

Sustainble products into flooring som er klodsegulv

Partitioning Wall System

Tystø is a partitioning system made from reclaimed glass units, which in their first life cycle have been used as façade or roof windows.

Sustainable reclaimed glass unit wall