Fælledby, showroom & construction laboratory

Fælledby, showroom & construction laboratory

Fælledby, showroom & construction laboratory

Project title

Fælledby, showroom & construction laboratory

Year finished



Amager Fælled, Danmark

Building Owner

Fælledby PS/, By & Havn, PensionDanmark


Together Architecture


To be updated


At the ambitious project Fælledby, architects Together Architecture has thought in direct reuse, biobased products and industrialised upcycled products (our expertise). The project office which will be on site for ~ 6 years will during this phase also act as a construction laboratory showcasing new ways of reducing the climate impact of the real estate business.
We are happy to have delivered our biobased products, and upcycled a:gain Funderø flooring in collaboration with Junckers as well as out upcycled a:gain Fusø boards made of Carlsberg DraughtMaster kegs.


DraughtMaster Table Top

Fusø plastic board made from 100% worn out Carlsberg Draughtmaster beer kegs.

a table made from biobased products

Classic Danish

Funderø is recycled from offcuts originally from JUNCKER’s flooring production

eco-friendly Funderø classic Danish mix flooring used in C.F Møller's Have - all from biobased products også biobaserede produkter