Fremtidens Værested, Kirkens Korshær Nyk. F.

Fremtidens Værested, Kirkens Korshær Nyk. F.

Fremtidens Værested, Kirkens Korshær Nyk. F.

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Fremtidens Værested, Kirkens Korshær Nyk. F.

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Nykøbing Falster

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Peter Kjær


Bjarne Petersen


Physical settings are of great importance. This applies not least to vulnerable groups, where the right choices in relation to interior design, light incidence and location of a building's various functions can be of great importance. Research results also show that a building's architecture affects the stress hormone cortisol. We have called the project 'From shelters to places of hope'. We know that there can be a number of positive effects from investing in the shelters. The national research and analysis centre for welfare, VIVE, must document the significance of the buildings for social work. In The A.P. Møllerske Støttefond, it is precisely the project's link between research and the physical measures that is one of its great strengths. Director Henrik Tvarnø explains: We believe that better physical frameworks for vulnerable citizens can strengthen social work efforts and that the effect can be measured. That is why we are excited that the Church of the Cross will now design three living spaces based on the concept of "social bricks" - the expectation that buildings can play a positive or negative role in the well-being of users. It is important for the building of knowledge that the Church of the Cross also has the courage to measure whether the users get better well-being and hope for the future. The project is a perfect match for Den A.P. Møllerske Støttefond's focus area "Social construction with measurable effect", which is specifically targeted at the potential of architecture in the social area - construction, where the starting point is the life situation of vulnerable citizens.


Ash- & Oak Parquet Flooring

Funderø Classic Danish is a mix of ash and oak which gives it a rich and classic look. Funderø is recycled from offcuts originally from JUNCKER’s flooring production.

close up on parquet Flooring