Wood House, Lille Ryvej

Wood House, Lille Ryvej

Wood House, Lille Ryvej

Project title

Wood House, Lille Ryvej

Year finished



Frederiksværk, Denmark


Kasper Guldager, Lasse Lind, Emilie Fenhann

Building Owner

Kasper Guldager, Lasse Lind, Emilie Fenhann


Stavnager A/S and Thus Studios


Winther A/S


The 100 m2 wooden summerhouse has been built with a focus on direct re-use, on upcycling and on bio based products. It is built to be shared among two families, and with integrated outdoor sheds and a 50 m2 terasse facing West towards the great forest. It has been the intention to incorporate high quality craftmanship and working with Winther, which is a 6th generation family carpentry company, ensures just that.  The design and construction followed 5 dogmas: 1) climate friendly house with low emission materials and with minimal foundation, 2) a resource-efficient house in bio based materials, with direct re-usage and with industrially upcycled products, 3) a house for family sharing and m2 optimization, 4) a high quality craftmanship house and with a roof overhang and materials that are easy to maintain, and finally, 5) a house which fits to the surroundings. Building owners have had close dialogues with Ekovilla (paper wool insulation), with Hunton and Økonatur (bio based sub-roof construction and vapor barrier), with a:gain (Bronsø upcycled façade and terasse wood, Viddø upcycled glass façade and upcycled indoor cladding), with Greendozer (direct re-use beech parquet flooring and bathroom interior), with Velux (oven light and active steering), with Stykka (circular kitchen) and BioMason (bio cement tiles).


Window Elements from Discarded Isolated Glass Units

Utilizing an extensive database of discarded glass units and AI-driven tools, we enable the creation of stunning window designs based on waste materials.

Elemens from discarded insulanted glass units

Thermo Wood Facade Cladding

Lille Ryvej is clad with thermally treated wood, recycled from discarded materials from other production processes

Upcycled wood from Bronsø made from Upcycled materials from productions