Novo Nordisk Bagsværd

Novo Nordisk Bagsværd

Novo Nordisk Bagsværd

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Novo Nordisk Bagsværd

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Copenhagen, Denmark


Novo Nordisk


Novo Nordisk's busy offices in bagsværd have been clad in Kiø Beech acoustic panels. Here a sales force, as well as clients are provided with better acoustics and the warmth that upcycled beech provides to the office atmosphere. Their choice of Nærø acoustic batts for the panels provides the room and the product with yet another intrigueing storyline. Visit the product pages for Kiø Beech and Nærø acoustic batts for further reading.


Estimated kilos of total waste saved


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Kiø Beech
Acoustic Panels

Acoustic frames made from redheart beech combined with acoustic batts made from upcycled textiles or upcycled PET bottles.

akutiske paneler levreret til Novo Nordisk

Acoustic Batts

Nærø textile felt is produced from worn out workwear, which can no longer be used for clothing or other secondary clothing production.

acoustic batts that is going to be mixed in with upcycled discarded wood and acoustic panels. Filt til akustiske paneler