Østerfælled Torv

Østerfælled Torv

Østerfælled Torv

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Østerfælled Torv

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Østerfælled Torv, København


Capital Investment


Trio Gulve


At Østerfælled Torv in Copenhagen the property and asset manager, Capital Investment, has completed a transformation of the 2nd at a 500 m2 tenancy for office usage.
Capital Investment was recommended to commence at dialogue with a:gain, and a very good process was set up among the two companies. Firstly, a small delegation of 4 people visited the a:gain office. Secondly a small delegation visited two a:gain project references showcasing the a:gain Hjælmø end grain brick flooring and a:gain Tystø glass partition walls. Thirdly, specific drawings for Østerfælled Torv was run inspected and a:gain help in writing the text for the quotation of the project for contractors to bid on. Finally, in dialogue with floor contractor, TRIO Gulve, the upcycled floor was delivered and installed.
TRIO Gulve did a beautiful job and the results are astounding.


Estimated kilos of total waste saved


Estimated kilos of CO2e savings


End Grain Brick Flooring

Hjælmø end grain flooring is recycled from surplus material and offcuts accumulated during the production of pine slats and window frames. The wood is sorted out due to knots, which do not affect the durability and strength when used as brick flooring.

Sustainble products into flooring som er klodsegulv