Project title


Year finished



Århus, Danmark


Kaj Ove Madsen

Building Owner

PFA Ejendomme / Kilden & Hindby






Kaj Ove Madsen


Granslev Tømrer + Vognsen & Co


TRÆ consist of three buildings which are 6, 6, and 20 floors high, built by using upcycled products. TRÆ is built in wood, concrete and glass, but also work with direct re-use, with biobased and upcycled products. Examples are discarded wind turbine blades, which, among other things, go through a series of fire tests before they are used on the facade. In addition, the project includes recycled facade panels, bricks, wood, double glazing and other materials that have been used before. Kilden & Hindby and stakeholders try to find, test and select materials along the way, and therefore cannot, for example, tell exactly how the facade will look, how the floors will be in the future offices or what kind of material is used for the acoustic ceilings. It is a new way of thinking and a different way of building, but we have a shared responsibility and an ambition to push the boundaries of how we build today. Now they try with TRÆ.


Upcycled Acoustic PET Batts

Dybø PET felt is produced from used plastic bottles collected in Europe. It consists of 75% recycled PET, and there is no waste in the production, as all remnants are recycled and returned to the production process

End-Grain Brick Flooring

Hjælmø end grain brick flooring is recycled from remnants and offcuts accumulated during the production of pine slats and window frames. The wood is sorted out due to knots, which do not affect the durability and strength when used as brick flooring.

Upcycled Oak- & Ash Parquet Flooring

Funderø Classic Danish is a mix of ash and oak, giving it a rich, classic appearance that would complement any meeting room. Funderø is recycled from remnants originating from JUNCKER’S flooring production.

Upcycled parquest flooring

Window Elements from Discarded Isolated Glass Units

Using an extensive database of discarded glass units and AI-driven tools, we enable the creation of beautiful window designs based on waste

Partitioning Wall System

Tystø is a partitioning system made from reclaimed glass units, which in their first life cycle have been used as façade or roof windows.

Sustainable reclaimed glass unit wall

Wind Turbine Blades

Discarded wind turbine blades are directly reused in the facade after undergoing a series of fire tests.

upcycled products by Wind turbines being reused for facade