Tscherning HQ

Tscherning HQ

Tscherning HQ

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Tscherning HQ

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Hedehusene, Sjælland, Danmark

Building Owner

Tscherning A/S A/S




Tscherning A/S A/S


The Danish demolition company, Tscherning, with a history dating back to 1975 is growing in size, and needed to expand current premises.
As the company for decades have upheld a genuine respect for Earth ressources, it was the ambition to a) re-use existing load-bearing structures, b) to build with 1-1 direct reused materials, c) to build with biobased products and d) to build with industrially upcycled products. In the last category, a.gain has delivered a:gain Hjælmø end grain brick flooring, a:gain Nærø acoustics of upcycled textiles, a:gain Fusø boards of upcycled Carlsberg Draughtmaster kegs and finally, a:gain x Wehlers RUM chairs with  upcycled Carlsberg Draughtmaster kegs.
The extension of the building and transformation of the exiting building is a joy to the eye and a green high-five to the environment. Go and check it out.


End Grain Brick Flooring

Hjælmø end grain flooring is recycled from surplus material and offcuts accumulated during the production of pine slats and window frames. The wood is sorted out due to knots, which do not affect the durability and strength when used as brick flooring.

DraughtMaster Table Tops

Fusø plastic board made from 100% worn out Carlsberg Draughtmaster beer kegs

a table made from biobased products