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Science City Lyngby

Science City Lyngby

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Science City Lyngby

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Lyngby, Danmark


Science City Lyngby

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a:gain has delivered Dybø acoustic boards made from upcycled PET bottles and Hjælmø end grain brick flooring from upcycled discarded pine wood from industrial production to the Science City Lyngby Science City Lyngby is a non-profit association of +80 members from the municipality, DTU, and nine other educational institutions, as well as approximately 70 large and small businesses. These businesses include Microsoft, COWI, Topsøe, Novozymes, GEO, Aquaporin, LIFE, and many more. We strive to create a leading innovation district in Denmark, where everyone works together to develop, test and apply innovative green solutions. We share knowledge through open innovation, collaborate on concrete projects, and enable entrepreneurs, researchers, and students to access data and real-life testing environments provided by our members.  

Sustainability Lab is a 700m2 showroom and visitor center, a co-working space, a meeting and event venue, and a living lab where we test and demonstrate technologies and solutions for a more sustainable future. Sustainability Lab is a sandbox for our +80 members, partners, sponsors, and all relevant startups, students, and researchers.

  The upcycled flooring emission is approved according to REIS Ref. 6F006139


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Acoustic Board

Dybø PET felt is produced from used plastic bottles collected in Europe. It consists of 75% recycled PET, and there is no waste in the production, as all remnants are recycled and reintegrated into the production process.

End Grain Brick Flooring

Hjælmø end grain flooring is recycled from surplus material and offcuts accumulated during the production of pine slats and window frames. The wood is sorted out due to knots, which do not affect the durability and strength when used as brick flooring.

Sustainble products into flooring som er klodsegulv