Kornerup Kollegiet

Kornerup Kollegiet

Kornerup Kollegiet

Project title

Kornerup Kollegiet

Year finished



Gentofte, Denmark


Einar Kornerup A/S

Building Owner

PAB and FA09 as administrator


H+ Architects and Virum Architects


ABC Engineering


Einar Kornerup A/S


The Kornerup Dorm is a newly build dorm with facilities for 52 students. The building consists of 6 storeys and is located at Niels Steensens Vej in Gentofte. In the interior décor, building owners and contractors wanted to showcase and use products that are manufactured from waste streams. Upcycled furniture does in itself not solve the issue we face with scarce resources. However, risk levels (opposed to e.g. the primary structural elements of a building) are low and furthermore, they act as a conversation starter. A conversation on how we as a society can, and must, prevent materials from being incinerated or deposited.


Estimated kilos of total waste saved


Estimated kilos of CO2e savings


R.U.M Chair
Br Wehlers x a:gain.

R.U.M. is short for Re-Used Materials. The circular mindset is evident, among other things, in that only two materials have been used in the production of R.U.M. The plastic and steel components are assembled with bolts, making disassembly a breeze, and both materials can be recycled 100%.

wehlers orange legs

Draughtmaster tabletop

Fusø table tops are produced from 100% industrial waste from Carlsberg’s disposable DraughtMaster kegs. We repurpose the kegs to a solid board.

a table made from biobased products