a:gain team

We are looking for interns starting August or September 2022

Are you passionate about the green transformation? Do you want to develop products that aim to make the real estate industry more sustainable? Do you thrive in an agile and innovative start-up environment?

A:GAIN makes it possible to accelerate the necessary change towards a reduced use of raw materials in our buildings by developing new earth and climate friendly products and solutions based on waste, biproducts, unused resources, and discarded production. We want to take the lead in making a real noticeable climate difference in the way we build.

We are experts in creating valuable upcycled products from scalable sources of waste. We see opportunities, when others see waste. Our know-how drives innovation and product development and shapes the products of tomorrow with the waste of today.

Together with our trusted production partners, we offer our products at scale to the professional customer.


Who we seek

A Product Development intern 

  • A passioned candidate that would help us solve the challenges developing and documenting our products and make them ready for the market. We sketch ideas, build mock-ups and test out the solutions. We are nerdy, critical, practical

A Supply Chain Management intern

  • Our target is to remain asset light and to deliver our goods directly from the warehouse / production site(s) of our partners. To help us develop a solid supply chain process from raw material input to delivered finished goods, to the customer, we are looking for a candidate with strong operational skills

What we can offer

  • We offer a vibrant environment with a highly positive attitude and a strong belief in the agenda. We cheer, we celebrate, and we succeed as a team

  • We expect that you are passionate about what we do, that you are brave, and you have a high morale of work. Our everyday is filled with a lot of different jobs, and we trust each other to do as agreed and to call for help, therefore we trust that you can speak your mind


  • You will have to show up physically at our headquarters in Nordhavn on an everyday basis

  • Deadline for the application is July 2022 but we are evaluating the applications as we receive them so, please don’t hesitate to send yours ASAP

  • If one of the above positions caught your attention, please e-mail us a motivated application (1 page max.) with your resumé and CV/portfolio to info@again.dk

In case you have clarifying questions to the Product Development Intern position, please reach out for Mathias Ruø Rasmussen: mathias@again.dk +45 4068 0807.

In case you have clarifying questions for the Supply Chain Management Intern position, please reach out for Christian Rosengren: rosengren@again.dk  +45 4072 2841

At A:GAIN we believe in diversity. We welcome all self-taught, academics and everybody in between, if you are motivated and qualified, we encourage you to apply.