Technical Product Developer for a:gain

Become a change-maker in the green revolution, driving sustainable transformation in the real estate industry through innovative product design based exclusively on materials sourced from waste. Are you a proactive and self-driven Technical Product Developer? Then you might be the person we are looking for.

The real estate industry is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions, the largest consumer of raw materials and generates the most waste. a:gain is on a mission to change this.

a:gain is an agile and innovative start-up/scale-up on an exciting growth journey. We upcycle scalable waste sources to valuable scalable new finished products for the professional real-estate and construction industry. We innovate, develop, produce, and sell products to directly substitute existing products produced from new raw materials. We work for both lower CO2 footprint and resource use. We are experts in creating valuable upcycled products from scalable sources of waste. We see opportunities when others see waste.

We are looking for a purpose-driven candidate with the right personality, drive, and set of values, who finds motivation in the fact that our work makes a difference towards decreasing the impact of the real estate industry on the climate and our planets natural resources.

When working as a Product Design & Developer for a:gain, you will…

  • Develop production setups together with our trusted partners to ensure efficient and optimal production with minimal waste

  • Develop installation guides, technical data sheets, mounting instructions, installation kits etc. to make waste-based products easy to handle and customer-friendly

  • Setup quality control procedures for all our production partners and regularly visit production sites to look for product quality improvement opportunities

  • Work with product specifications, standards and certifications to give our products the best competitive edge in the market

  • Support sales and customers with technical questions and advice

  • Develop product packaging that stays true to our sustainability purpose and works to protect products from transport damages

  • Develop product tender descriptions to enable product specification into projects

When working together, we expect that you have…

  • Thorough technical understanding, a strong understanding of the importance of details, and thrive by ensuring our products come with the best possible technical backing

  • Experience from technical product development in building components, interiors, or adjacent industries

  • Understanding of customer needs, e.g. from job at contractor, other material developer or similar

  • Education within relevant field, i.e. engineering or similar

  • Understanding of production flows, processes, and challenges from close collaboration with producers

To do well on our team we expect that you…

  • have a strong sense of empathy and are a proactive and purpose-driven individual, who cares and invests in the entire a:gain team across all functions

  • are a person with a high sense of integrity and a team-player with a great motivation for building a strong and positive company culture

  • ready to work closely with our sales to support them on technical issues before and after sales

  • embrace an open and honest communication style, challenge ideas and always focus on team collaboration

  • are aware of own strengths and areas of development, and openly involves colleagues in the process of development, as well as actively seeks colleagues for problem-solving

  • are fluent in English

What we can offer is…

  • a vibrant environment with a positive attitude and a strong belief in our sustainability agenda - we cheer, we celebrate, and we succeed as a team

  • a workday filled with many different exciting tasks and activities, a high degree of flexibility and freedom as well as lots of responsibility and impact on the business

  • great opportunities to develop and shape your own position going forward

  • the right package for the right candidate, including the potential for warrant program, etc. to share in the upside if the company succeeds


  • you should be able to work from our headquarters in Copenhagen city centre physically

  • if you believe you are the right candidate and ready to join our movement, please send us a motivated application (1 page max.) with your resumé and CV/portfolio to

  • deadline for the application is 15 June 2023, but we encourage early submissions, as we interview on a continuous basis

In case you have clarifying questions, please reach out to Mathias Ruø Rasmussen, Head of Product Development,, +45 40 68 08 07.