Thermo Wood Facade Cladding

Høje Taastrup City Hall facade under construction

Product data

Mixed discarded thermally treated wood cladding
Facade cladding
Wood species
Thermo D pine
Class 2
4”, 5” & 6” mixed
Various 1,8-5,4 m
390-430 kg/m3 at 5% humidity
4 weeks without additional adjustments
Front facing screws

Origin of the product

Bronsø thermally treated wooden cladding is upcycled from of discarded material from a regular production of wooden goods. Sorting criteria today means substantial amounts of material is discarded, despite its high quality. The wood is discarded due to knots, checks and other natural tree characteristics, which has no impact on the durability of the wood. These 'mistakes' means the wood is normally sent to a waste management facility for incineration, despite the woods' high value. Bronsø wood has a durability class 2, just as regular thermally treated wooden cladding. The product is used in application class 1-3. Thermally treated wood is a more climate conscious alternative to chemically impregnated wood or hardwood from the rainforest. Bronsø gets its name from its bronze-golden colour, which is also reminiscent of caramel in both look and scent.   Look to Augusthus for it's use of Bronsø facade cladding in its inner yard.
Høje Taastrup City Hall facade

Profile types

The boards are available in decreasing lengths from 1.8-5.4 m with deviations of 30 cm and in a mix of 3 different widths.

The standard thickness of the cladding is 18mm.
The available profiles are shown on this page.

Get in touch with us early in the process so that together we can create a unique expression for your project.

Tongue and groove profiles: 1-7
* Can be used horizontally

Available widths
4 ”- Tire size 80-85 mm
5 ”- Tire size 105-110 mm
6 ”- Tire size 130-133 mm

60-80% will be in the widths 5″ and 6″.

Boards and slats: 8-12
All measurements are in mm

Bronsø profiles a:gain

Assorted options

All options are made at an additional cost.

Length cutting
Please contact us for more info


Fire impregnation
The wood will meet class D-s2, d2 without additional treatment.

The wood can be delivered fire-impregnated and thus achieves a fire class B-s1, d0.

Impregnation does not wash out and requires no surface treatment.

The wood is treated with an impregnating liquid from Burnblock.

The product is made of 100% natural ingredients: 100% biodegradable, 0% toxic substances, PH neutral and Cradle to cradle GOLD certified.


Surface options

You have the option of choosing your profile in one of these surfaces:

Smooth planed
Uniformly smooth and touch-friendly surface.

Coarse planed
Classic surface for exterior facade cladding, and in our mind always a beautiful choice for facade wood.

Brushed with nylon / steel
Unique surface that is created via special technology with both steel and nylon brushing
to appear with clear vein structure.

Has parallels to the classic intoxicated surface, but appears more uniform via
its embossing in the wood.

Embossed with tiny grooves that give the surface a very uniform look.

Paint options

We paint in all NCS and RAL colors on request, but as standard we offer:

Sort RAL 9005
Primed, or primed & top painted

White RAL 9010
Primed, or primed & top painted

Anthracite gray RAL 7016
Primed, or primed & top painted

Swedish red RAL 3009
Primed, or primed & top painted

Our standard colors are gloss 20, but when the surface is rough, the gloss is approx. halved.

Please note that color presented digitally will change based on which screen it is viewed on.

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