Full Wall Acoustic Paneling

Flarø Douglas slatted full wall

Product data

Waste wood acoustic panel with vertical slats
Wall paneling
Wood species
Douglas fir
Spare material from flooring production
70 mm without textile absorpbent
500 mm
2700 mm
Front facing screws, through horisontal slats
Expected absorption class
Class A, with 50 mm textile absorpbent

Origin of the product

Flarø Douglas is a product of the finest quality. The expressive douglas fir gives this wall paneling an intricate, warm and luxurious feel. The wood comes from a leading Danish wood manufacturer, who treat their product with the greatest care. From sourcing to their own production. It is a family run business with a rich tradition. They have worked closely with German family owned forester-companies, for generations, who harvest trees with tradition and sustainability in mind to ensure a healthy forest, which will in return produce majestic and impressive trees. Each tree is carefully selected by the foresters, to ensure the highest quality and then cut down in a manner that causes no harm to the surrounding flora and fauna. However, it is not only in the sourcing, that our collaborator nurtures a sustainability-driven mindset. Their production is run on bio-based fuel and Nordic wind energy and they care intrinsically for a maximised usage of the tree. This is also where a:gain enters the frame. Some material is necessarily discarded from the regular production due to certain, unavoidable flaws, this can be knots too large to be fixed or an uneven planing, meaning the plank will no longer adhere to the manufacturers standard production. We then take that material and use it in our own products, meaning there is nothing that goes to waste. The German douglas gets the respect it deserves and all of its potential is realised in products, we hope will last a lifetime if not more. Flarø gets its name from the characteristics of douglas, a wood species known for a very striking 'flame-like' grain.
Holsø Origin
Flarø Douglas slatted full wall