Classic Danish mix
Upcycled Parquet Flooring

Funderø Classic Danish a:gain junckers flooring

Product data

Two-strip parquet offcuts with tongue and groove
Wood species
Mix of oak and ash
Mix of glossy and matt lacquer
129 mm (± 0,2 mm)
900 mm & 387 mm
21,8 mm (± 0,2 mm)
Moisture content
8 % (± 2%)
14,5 kg / m²
Nailed or screwed (hidden) on an even and appropriate subfloor. Can also be glued or laid with clips. No surface treatment needed.

Origin of the product

Funderø upcycled parquet flooring gives the traditional parquet floor a modern and environmentally friendly update, without compromising on JUNCKERS' high quality. Funderø is upcycled from offcuts, originating from JUNCKERS' flooring production. Since JUNCKERS offers a wide range of wood species and finishes, our products are designed with mixes of these. With variations in both material and finish, each floor has a unique and visually interesting look, without taking up too much attention in the space. We believe that what sets Funderø apart is our work with mixing wood species, giving our parquet flooring a unique look and feel. We generally offer two groupings of wood species; 'Classic Danish' and 'Classic Court'. Funderø Classic Danish is a mix of ash and oak giving it a rich, classic aesthetic, that would fit any boardroom nicely. Funderø Classic Court, which is a cheeky hint at the many indoor sport courts, where you typically find this type of flooring, is a mix of Beech and Maple. This combination is classic, light and universal. You could imagine this floor laid in any type of space, from office to home. This product also comes with a simple tongue and groove, making installation a breeze and one any carpenter worth their salt will recognise. This floor is simply an easy choice. Funderø gets its name from the danish word 'funderet', which means established or grounded. It is a nod to the simple fact that a floor establishes a base in any space and is therefor a vital part of how the room is experienced.
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Funderø Classic Danish junckers a:gain
Funderø Flooring a:gain junckers
Funderø Classic Danish junckers a:gain flooring