DraughtMaster Table Top

Fusø Tabletop installation view

Product data

Table top
100% Carlsberg DraughtMaster kegs
Carlsberg Green
Standard size
79cm x 179cm x 2cm

Origin of the product

Fusø table tops are produced from 100% industrial waste from Carlsberg's disposable DraughtMaster kegs. We repurpose the kegs to a solid board. The combination of black and green results in a marble-like appearance. Once the DraughtMaster kegs are empty and collected, they cannot be disposed or sorted as ordinary plastic. The kegs therefore end up as plastic waste. To repurpose the plastic, we wash, sort, and granulate the material. From here, we use the plastic to produce numerous different products. The solutions were created in a collaboration between Carlsberg and a:gain. Within the EU, only 30% of all the plastic we use is repurposed, 39% ends up in landfill, while 31% is incinerated. We must and can all take responsibility to change this. At a:gain, we recognise and pay tribute to the initiatives that the plastic industry has already done to increase the percentage of repurposed plastic. We join the battle and are happy to look at the plastic fractions that others may have given up on. The material is suitable for indoor use. If exposed to sunlight (UV), it may turn grey. The material can be processed as wood but be mindful that it is plastic and high friction can partially melt the material. Fusø, quite simply, gets its name from the danish word 'fustage'. It may be simple, but we just think it works for this product.
Draughtmaster Kegs Installation View
Draughtmaster Kegs Processing
Fusø Daarbak Table a:gain
Fusø Draughtmaster Display with Wood
Carl's Øl- & Spisehus - Square Fusø