Framed Acoustic Panels


Acoustic panel
Country of production:
Sound absorbing wall decor
Primarily cotton and polyester
Wood species
Redheart Beech
64 mm
988 mm
588 mm
Absorbtion class
Class B


Kiø framed acoustic panels are made out of repurposed textile felt and upcycled discarded wood from a major Danish contractor. This unique product can be used as a decorative and sound-absorbing wall piece. The textile felt used for Kiø is produced from worn-out workwear that can no longer be used for clothing or in other secondary clothing production. We have developed a method of sorting, where we acquire pure, clean fractions, which ensures the high quality of the end product. After sorting, the fabric is shredded; going from a woven material to becoming small, short fibers. The fibers are mixed with binders and a fire retardant. Finally, the materials are felted together into non-woven acoustic batts. For this product, we have combined the textile felt with a frame made from upcycled pine or redheart beech. The name 'Kiø' takes its inspiration from Kyoto, the traditional capital of Japan, where the classic Shoji screens (rice paper walls) are found in many places.
Upcycling waste material

Installation guide

This is just a quick overview of the steps that you need to follow. All the topics are described in detail in the downloadable installation sheet.

  1. Measure the surface of application. Decide if:
    1. Panels will be orientated horizontally or vertically. (Measurements are 988×588)
  2. Order the required amount panels
  3. Mount Kiø panels
    1. Mark the desired height, minus 30 mm.
  1. Fixate two brackets to the surface of application with 45 cm in between for vertical orientation or 60 cm for horizontal (center to center).
  2. Hang the panel onto the brackets (Note: The grove is hidden behind the textile batt)

FAQ: General

q: What is Kiø made of and how do you source it?
a: Kiø is made from either discarded Douglas fir from a leading Danish wood manufacturer or red heart beech from the building sites of a major Danish contractor. The acoustic Nærø batt that comes with it is made of worn-out textiles from a major workwear and textile maintenance company.

q: How much of the Kiø is waste based?
a: Kiø is made from mainly discarded Douglas fir or waste red heart beech. The back panel is made from offcut plywood and the textile batt is at least 60% waste-based.

q: Does Kiø contain any dangerous components or toxic materials?
a: No, the materials from Kiø enter our manufacturing line clean and we only treat the wood with a water-soluble wax or oil. The textile is bound by a PET binder, which does not degas.

FAQ: Handling

q: How should I handle the panel to not damage it?
a: To be certain that the surface treatment is not damaged unnecessarily, do not take the panel out of its original packaging prior to the moment you need to install it. If you do need to check the quality of the panels or have concerns over the finish, be sure to handle it with care; if you need to re-package the material. The wax finish is very sturdy, but ultimately not completely resistant to scratching.

q: How can I adjust or alter Kiø post-purchase?
a: We do not encourage altering the panel itself. The whole panel can be adjusted vertically by about 1 cm with the fittings provided, making mounting easier. Furthermore, the panel is adjustable horizontally by sliding the panel across the fittings.

FAQ: Manufacturing

q: Where is the product manufactured?
a: The product is manufactured in Denmark and made from waste also collected in Denmark. The Douglas fir originates in Germany. The red heart beech is treated in a French sawmill and is IPPC-certified packaging wood.

q: How is Kiø manufactured?
a: The material is sawn, planed, and cut to length at our partner Overgaard Wood in Fredericia. The panel is then joined together with soft nails and a regular wood glue.

q: What measures do you take towards the ethical production of Kiø?
a: Overgaard Wood is a socio-economically responsible business, that employs several people, who have been out of the job market for prolonged periods.

FAQ: Recycling

q: How is the material recycled?
a: The wood can be treated like any other wooden product. It can be repainted, stripped, sawn, planed, etc. Otherwise, it can be handed over to a recycling station in the ‘Wood’ section. The textile can be sorted as ‘Textile’.

q: Do you offer end-of-life take-back models?
a: For larger projects, we are happy to discuss an agreement to take back material at its end-of-life or at a reasonable set date. For your specific inquiries reach out to

FAQ: Customisation and variations

q: Do you offer other colours?
a: For larger projects, such as a whole office building or an entire floor, we can have new colours developed, however, for smaller projects the colours showcased on this page are our standard.

q: Do you offer other dimensions outside of your standards?
a: We do not offer Kiø in other sizes.

q: Which standards sizes do you provide?
a: Information at the top the page.

FAQ: Certifications, standards & regulations

q: Which international regulations does Kiø adhere to?
a: Our products all adhere to Danish standards and should be fine for implementation in most other EU countries. If you would like us to advise you on your specific case, please reach out to us.

FAQ: Traceability

q: Which measures do you take towards the traceability of the materials used in Kiø?
a: Any waste source we manage, we research thoroughly and seek to trace back as far as we can. Our supplier ensures the origin of the material and that the wood is clean, free of toxic materials, etc, before it is handed over to us, from there we have complete internal awareness of the manufacturing line.

FAQ: Accessible assets

Can I access a generic product description for Kiø?
We do not currently have a generic text for download; however, you are welcome to copy any text from this product page.
Do you have downloadable 3D assets, such as BIM, Revit families, etc.?
We do not currently have BIM objects of our products; however, we are happy to help how we can, such as providing .3DM, .DXF, .DWG files etc.

Does Kiø appear in internal or external calculation or design software, such as Exigo, Visma etc?
Not currently.

Does Kiø appear in external databases such as Miljø, BASTA, Sundahus etc.?
Not currently.

FAQ: Technical support and sparring

q: Does a purchase include technical support, design sparring, illustrations, technical drawings, etc.?
a: Depending on the scale of the project we can offer knowledge sharing, sparring and technical support for your project. For small projects we can only refer to the information on the website, however, we naturally answer any questions you might have. Please reach out to us with your specific project.

q: Do you offer knowledge-sharing sessions?
a: We are happy to come to your office or building site, share our experiences with the product, and answer technical questions to the best of our ability. We are also happy to arrange tours of our office and showroom. For more information, please contact us. Note: This is pending our internal schedule and the size of the project.

q: Do you offer support for graphic material about the product/materials?
a: We have a standard poster, which we can edit to your specific situation. The poster describes the journey from waste to final product implemented in your project. We are also happy to spar with you or your graphic team if you wish to create something yourselves. which is specified to your graphical identity.

FAQ: Purchasing

q: How do I purchase Kiø?
a: For inquiries about Kiø or other a:gain products, please reach out to us. You can also inquire about Kiø and other products through our partner Daarbak Design.

q: Can I purchase Kiø as a private customer?
a: While B2C is not currently our focus it is possible to purchase Kiø directly through us.

FAQ: Delivery

q: What are your expected delivery times?
a: For orders of < 10 units, expect 4 – 5 working weeks delivery time.
For orders of 10 – 25, expect 5 – 8 working weeks delivery time.
For orders of > 25, expect 8 – 10 working weeks delivery time.
q: Is there a minimum order size?
a: Not formally, however, delivery cost diminishes significantly for larger orders.

q: Do you offer express delivery?
a: Yes, however, because of high demand or if you wish to place a large order, our production might still require time to deliver. In this case, express delivery may have a negligible effect on delivery time. On smaller orders, this is usually not the case.

q: Do you deliver outside of Denmark?
a: Yes, however, depending on the destination, this will have an impact on delivery cost. Please reach out to us with your specific request.

FAQ: Complaints

q: How do I file a complaint with you?
a: Please reach out to us. Be as specific as you can and please note the person or point of contact from the purchasing phase.

FAQ: Request a sample or mock up

Mock up
If you are interested in e.g., a 1:1 mock-up of a product, we are happy to provide this at cost-price, if it is related to a larger sale. Please contact us for your specific request.

If you would like to see the material up close, you can request a sample by contacting us here. Please note if it is urgent for your situation.

FAQ: Reference projects

q: Do you have a showroom or relevant references where Kiø can be experienced?
a: Kiø is possible to view at our office in Nordhavn and in Daarbak Design’s showrooms in Roskilde and Vejle.

FAQ: Invoicing & purchasing systems

q: Can we integrate your products into our internal purchasing systems?
a: Absolutely, we are happy to help with any such integration. Please contact us for your specific request.

q: Can we negotiate a set price structure for purchasing over a set period of time?
a: Please reach out to us here.

q: Do you offer e-invoicing?
a: Yes, we do.

FAQ: Leasing/borrowing materials

q: Is it possible to lease or borrow Kiø for e.g., events?
a: Yes, however, only under specific circumstances and such an arrangement needs to be agreed upon thoroughly beforehand. Please send us your inquiries.

FAQ: Terms and conditions

q: Where can I access your terms and conditions?
a: Here.