Framed Acoustic Panels

Kiø Panel a:gain

Product data

Acoustic panel
Sound absorbing wall decor
Primarily cotton and polyester
Wood species
Redheart Beech
64 mm
988 mm
588 mm
Absorbtion class
Class B

Origin of the product

Kiø framed acoustic panels are made out of repurposed textile felt and upcycled discarded wood from a major danish Danish contractor. This unique product can be used as a decorative and sound-absorbing wall piece. The textile felt used for Kiø is produced from worn-out workwear that can no longer be used for clothing or in other secondary clothing production. We have developed a method of sorting, where we acquire pure, clean fractions, which ensures high quality of the end product. After sorting, the fabric is shredded; going from a woven material, to becoming small, short fibres. The fibres are mixed with binders and a fire retardant. Finally, the materials are felted together into non-woven acoustic batts. For this product, we have combined the textile felt with a frame made from upcycled pine or redheart beech. The name 'Kiø' takes it inspiration from Kyoto, the traditional capital of Japan, where the classic Shoji screens (rice paper walls) are found many places.
Kiø Beech a:gain
Kiø acoustic paneling rendering