Waste Textile Acoustic Batts


Acoustic batts
Waste textiles
Primarily cotton and polyester
Acoustic absorption
50 mm
560 mm
960 mm
Class B


Nærø textile felt is produced from worn out workwear, which can no longer be used for clothing or other secondary clothing production. We have developed a method for sorting, where we get clean and pure fractions of textile, which ensures a high quality for the end product. After sorting the fabric is ground and this process transforms the material from woven form to short, manageable fibres. The short fibres are mixed with binders and, if need be, a cradle to cradle certified fire retardant. The final part of the production process is felting, which binds the material together into nonwoven acoustic batts. The product is available in varying shades of gray, blue, white and green, which are determined by the clothes it is produced from. We can never ensure exact repetition of a specific nuance, from batch to batch, since our input material will always vary slightly. However, this just means that your batch is unique to your project! Read more on how we turn waste into products here. 'Nær' means close in danish and this product is certainly one to draw people in. The organic patterns, which arise from the mixed input, fascinates most of our customers. We hope it draws your eye as well. Attention: Please know that this product is still being developed, tested and refined, so some data may vary. Contact us for more information.
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