By Mater x a:gain


Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel
Countries of production:
Denmark and Sweden
Carlsberg Green
Carlserg DraugtMaster kegs
20% upcycled steel
Frame finish
Gun metal
Hard wearing plastic


The Ocean collection was originally designed in 1955 by two of the twentieth century's most recognized designers - the couple, Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel. Today, a:gain and Mater have reintroduced the original design, with waste-based and innovative materials in the form of plastic waste from Carlsberg's used DraughtMaster kegs. The furniture in the Ocean OC2 collection is made with used DraughtMaster beer kegs from Carlsberg mixed with other repurposed plastic, as well as a frame made of partially recycled steel. The slats appear uniform in a deep green colour, which clearly relates to the green kegs they are produced with. All products in the Ocean OC2 Collection are handmade and minor stains and imperfections may be visible. These irregularities are not considered defects and do not detract from the quality and function of the products.
DraughtmasterKegs a:gain
Mater again OC2 table chair and bench
Mater again OC2 tables and chairs