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Partitioning Wall System

Partitioning Wall System

Tystø Partitioning Wall from a:gain at Lendager Architects
Glass partitioning wall from waste glass and discarded wood.
Country of production:
Indoor partitioning
Used thermo glass units
Wood species
FSC Certified Discarded pine wood
Wood finish
Water-soluble wax
Module Height
Module width
Module thickness
Installed on site by DEKO
Rw is espected to be around 32-33 Db
Coming soon
Country of manufacture

The system

The Tystø system is unique, as it's defined by the size of available windows in storage.

Each project is different, as the modules are defined by the width of the window panes and the height is based on client needs.

While specific module widths and partition heights cannot be requested, clients can choose to have all modules have a uniform height or opt for larger windows with fewer segmentations or smaller windows with more.

A builder installing the Tystø glass partitioning at Lendager's Office.
tystø partitioning wall from a:gain

Wooden Spacers

Spacers are used to make up for any discrepancy in available glass and fill any remaining gap in the client's project.

The bottom section of the modules is filled in and the horizontal module can be placed anywhere in the partition, but it's typically placed next to the door opposite the hinges.

Note that the full width of a project can rarely be filled edge to edge with glass.

A look for all occassions

With different finishes and different types of glass we can help you find just the right look for your next project.

Product impact



Creating something sustainable out of glass is a challenging proposition. Glass production is an energy-intensive process, as it requires furnaces running constantly with temperatures upwards 1600°C. Tystø is a partitioning system made from reclaimed glass units, which in their first life cycle have been used as façade or roof windows. The windows are carefully taken out of the building as a part of a demolition or renovation process and subsequently disassembled into frame and glass units. The glass units are obsolete for exterior windows and are thus, normally, destined for elimination. However, they may live a long second life as indoor partitions, where they replace the conventional, heavily polluting glass. All materials, apart from the doors, are collected, processed, and produced in Denmark. Doors are manufactured in Riga.

CO₂ reduction versus similar products
of waste alleviated from waste streams per m²

Documentation journey

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Internal LCA
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Wood preparation: 

Discarded planks of pine are put to side during regular production. They are then planed to size and waxed


Glass preparation: 

Windows from demolitions are carefully taken out and the IGU removed, cleaned and stored for manufacture



The wood is cut to length for manufacture of the modules. The IGU’s are placed on rubber bands to make a tight fit

A builder installing the Tystø glass partitioning at Lendager's Office.


The modules are installed by DEKO on site. The modules are screwed together and can be taken apart and moved later in their lifespan

Material Characteristics
We believe in honest materials and embrace their features.


The wax has a matt finish

Tystø Partitioning Wall a:gain


The surface is sanded and smooth

Waste windows: 

There is a possibility that some glass will have smaller scratches


The wood is a discarded fraction, therefore you can expect some visible knots


Our waterborne wax comes in 3 colours, you can select between them in the left hand menu. The wax is sprayed on and needs no maintenance. It is possible to repaint the wax, should the colour need a touch up, after many years.

How to specify Tystø

Define hole sizes
We can deliver to almost any specified hole size by use of wooden spacers. Let us know the dimensions and we can help find the right look for you!
Pick the right glass
What are you needs for acoustics, safety or fire? We would like to understand your needs so we quickly find the right solution.
Specify wax
See our options in the left hand menu.
Add doors
Do you need doors? Then let us know how many, where and what widths!