Partitioning Wall System

Tystø Partitioning Wall a:gain

Product data

Glass partitioning wall from used thermo glass units and discarded wood.
Partitioning wall
Used thermo glass units
Wood species
Discarded pine wood
Frame thickness

Origin of the product

Tystø is a partitioning system made from glass units that in its the first life cycle have been used as façade or roof windows. The windows are carefully being taking taken out of the building as a part of a demolition or a renovation process and afterwards the glass units are disassembled from the old frame. The glass units may not function as a well have out-served its best years as insulating units in the façade but still suits perfectly as a transparent room divider. The frames are made from discarded wood from window frame production window frames. Today, the sorting criteria are so rigorous and that excessive amounts of good quality wood are consequently wasted. Tystø gets its name from the quiet space you meet when you enter a the meeting room. Tystø create a space where you can speak in with low voice and confidential.
Tystø Partitioning Wall a:gain
Tystø Partitioning Wall a:gain
Tystø Partition Wall a:gain
Tystø Partition Wall a:gain