Carls Øl – og Spisehus

Fusø adding character and story to Carl's Øl- & Spisehus

Project description

Carls Øl – og Spisehus is the area’s social gathering and food house. The restaurant is in an area with a history of the many hundreds of brewery employees who lived in Carlsbergbyen’s workers’ housing from 1847 until the turn of the millennium. Carlsbergbyen’s new beer and dining house has fantastic energy and offers experiences to residents and visitors in the area. The owners wanted to decorate with respect to the history of the area and it was, therefore, obvious to include the Fusø tabletops. The Fusø DraughtMaster Tabletops create a dynamic interplay between the raw frames and the aesthetic quality of the material that comes together well at Carl's. The addition of these tabletops will surely bring up new conversations and new experiences at Carls Øl- og Spisehus.

Project overview

Project title
Carls Øl – og Spisehus
Year finished
Copenhagen, Denmark
Carl's Øl - og Spisehus