Project title
Year finished
Bjæverskov, Zealand


At the micro coffee roastery at Bjæverskov, Zealand, Kaffeværkstedet experienced non-satisfactory acoustics within the office. The owners Claus and Christian are very conscious about the sourcing of their coffee, and that they uphold the highest standards in sustainability.

Hence, as they heard about a:gain, they reached out for guidance and a waste-based solution. It meant a lot to them that the production had been done in Denmark and had created local labor and jobs in Denmark.

When they found out that our KIØ acoustic panels came in a surface treatment of the wood called Dark Coffee, the choice naturally fell on those. The acoustic panels provided the perfect sustainable solution, not only ensuring an improved soundscape within the office but also supporting a green(er) transition of the real estate business.

Read more about Kaffeværkstedet her: Kaffeværkstedet (kaffevaerkstedet.dk)


Kiø Framed Acoustic Panels

Kiø framed acoustic panels are made out of repurposed textile felt and upcycled discarded wood from a major  Danish contractor. This unique product can be used as a decorative and sound-absorbing wall piece.

Kiø Douglas a:gain

Nærø Acoustic Batts

Nærø textile felt is produced from worn-out workwear, which can no longer be used for clothing or other secondary clothing production.