Lendager Architects Office

Lendager Architects Office

Lendager Architects Office

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Lendager Architects Office
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Copenhagen, Denmark
Lendager Architects
Lendager / a:gain


Lendager's bustling offices in Copenhagen have been adorned with Tystø partitioning walls. The team and clients alike are now able to enjoy improved acoustics and a more welcoming office atmosphere, thanks to the incorporation of our product. The choice to use Tystø not only enhances the acoustics of the space but also adds an appealing story to the room. With the help of these upcycled partitioning walls, Lendager architects and their clients can now enjoy a workspace that is both visually pleasing and beneficial to the environment.

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Tystø Partitioning Wall

Tystø is a partitioning system made from reclaimed glass units, which in their first life cycle have been used as façade or roof windows.

Tystø Partition Wall a:gain