Marmormolen 23, NCC Danmark

Funderø wood flooring in Marmormolen

Project description

In Copenhagen Nordhavn, PensionDenmark is creating a DGNB Gold-certified office building. During 2023 the facility will open and welcome ~ 560 people.

The general contractor, NCC, and the architect, PLH Architects, reached out to a:gain as a follow-up on meetings and dialogues between a:gain and PensionDenmark. As many decisions on products had already been made, but all the parties were eager to make some product choices with a smaller climate impact, it was decided to focus on two elements – flooring and acoustic. In a good dialogue between the companies, it was agreed to purchase and install 950 m2 a:gain Funderø oak/ash flooring and to purchase 500 m2 of a:gain Dybø acoustics. These less climate-damaging materials are an additional feature of the project's sustainability efforts.


More updated photos will be uploaded as the installation process continues.


Read more at: Kontorhus, Marmormolen → PLH Arkitekter



Project overview

Project title
Marmormolen 23, NCC Danmark
Year finished
PLH Architects
NCC Danmark A/S


Funderø- Oak and Ash Upcycled Parquest Flooring

Funderø Classic Danish is a mix of ash and oak giving it a rich, classic look, that would fit any boardroom nicely. Funderø is upcycled from offcuts, originating from JUNCKERS‘ flooring production.

Funderø Classic Danish a:gain junckers flooring

Dybø-recycled PET Acoustic Batts

Dybø PET felt is produced from used plastic bottles collected in Europe. It consists of 75% recycled PET and there is no waste in the production as all offcuts are recirculated back into production.

Black and white felts made from PET plastics