Upcycle Studios

Upcycle Studios

Upcycle Studios

Project title
Upcycle Studios
Year finished
Ørestaden, Copenhagen
AG Gruppen
Building Owner
NREP, AG Gruppen
Lendager Group
Consulting engineer
AG Gruppen
Type of contract


Upcycle Studios is the world's first commercially scaled, circular housing project and consists of 20 terraced houses, located in Ørestaden, Copenhagen. In Upcycle Studios, 75% of the windows came from public housing in North Jutland, 1000 tonnes of the concrete used is cast with aggregate, from the Copenhagen Metro's concrete waste. Floors, walls and facades are made of upcycled discarded wood and offcuts from Dinesen's floor production.


Upcycled glass facade

7 tonnes of saved thermal windows ‘harvested’ in Northern Jutland, as a consequence of a restoration project.

Upcycle Studios

In situ upcycled concrete

Hundreds of tonnes of concrete was poured for this project with 45% of it being aggregate from the construction of the Copenhagen Metro.

Upcycle Studios x again upcycled concrete waste

Dinesen exterior cladding

Discarded douglas fir from Dinesen’s floor production. Painted black. Using wood as a facade cladding is a more sustainable alternative to eg. brickwork.

Upcycle Studios Cladding

Dinesen discarded flooring
and wall paneling

Discarded douglas fir from Dinesen, with large quantities infected with blue stain. However, this is treated as a feature rather than a defect, as it has no impact on the technical qualities of the wood.

Upcycle Studios