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Thermo Wood Facade Cladding

Thermo Wood Facade Cladding

Høje Taastrup City Hall facade under construction
Thermally treated wood facade cladding
Discarded pine from regular production
Thermo treated
4”, 5” & 6” mixed
1,8-5,4 m, (always delivered in a various lengths)
Front facing screws
Fire Class
Class D-s2, d2 (No additional treatment)
Class 2
390-430 kg/m3 at 5% humidity
4 weeks without additional adjustments
Made in

Vertical planks

Vertical slats will give any facade a classic, warm look and furthermore they are easy to install.   We always mix and match various profiles, see below or check out our product catalogue. You can also inquire about our current options.

Bronsø thermo wood facade cladding

Horisontal planks

We also offer profiled planks for horisontal facade constructions. As with vertical planks these can vary in width and look, by mixing various profiles.

Profile types

The boards are available in decreasing lengths from 1.8-5.4 m with deviations of 30 cm and in a mix of 3 different widths.

The standard thickness of the cladding is 18mm.
The available profiles are shown on this page.

Get in touch with us early in the process so that together we can create a unique expression for your project.

Tongue and groove profiles: 1-7
* Can be used horizontally

Available widths
4 ”- covered surface 80-85 mm
5 ”- covered surface 105-110 mm
6 ”- covered surface 130-133 mm

60-80% will be in the widths 5″ and 6″.

Boards and slats: 8-12
All measurements are in mm

Product impact



Bronsø thermally treated wooden cladding is upcycled from of discarded material from a regular production of wooden goods. Sorting criteria today means substantial amounts of material is discarded, despite its high quality. The wood is discarded due to knots, checks and other natural tree characteristics, which has no impact on the durability of the wood. These 'mistakes' means the wood is normally sent to a waste management facility for incineration, despite the woods' high value.

70-80% CO₂ reduction versus similar products
Net CO₂ saved pr m² compared to incineration

Documentation journey

✓ Calculated estimate
Internal LCA
Externally verified LCA
Høje Taastrup Again Facade




We sort out all planks and boards, which normally would be discarded due to aesthetic “defects”, which we embrace



Discarded planks of pine are put to side during regular production based on our sorting criteria

Høje Taastrup City Hall facade


To deliver at scale we mix profiles, widths and thicknesses. The boards are always end matched to simplify the installation process

Høje Taastrup Again Facade


When it comes to installation, Bronsø is like any other standard facade cladding you might encounter, meaning most carpenters will be familiar and can go straight to the procedure

Material imperfections
For the full sorting criteria please see the Technical Specification document in downloads.

Cracked knots: 

without structural implication


corner missing

Knot cracks: 

up to 3 mm


up to 3 mm


The wood has a deep golden brown finish from heat treatment. This will turn a silvery grey with continued exposure to UV. The wood needs no further finishing once it has been thermo treated.

How to specify

Choose Profiles
Mix profiles from our web assortment or contact us for further info & profile types
Specify Amount
Please specify in meters of material and not m²
Structure Delivery
For big orders let us know what increments you want the material delivered in and when.