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Classic Danish Mix - Oak/ash

Classic Danish Mix - Oak/ash

Funderø Classic Danish a:gain junckers flooring
Two-strip parquet offcuts with tongue and groove
Country of production:
Wood species
Mix of oak and ash
Mix of silk-matt and ultra-matt lacquer
129 mm (± 0,2 mm)
895 mm & 387 mm
21,8 mm (± 0,2 mm)
Moisture content
8 % (± 2%)
14,5 kg / m²
Nailed or screwed (hidden) on an even and appropriate subfloor. Can also be glued or laid with clips. No surface treatment needed.
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Two boards turned 90 degrees, in an alternative wood and finish from the remaining floor, create a woven effect, like two fabrics being knitted together to create an intricate, yet simple pattern.

Funderø Classic Court junckers a:gain

Crooked Herring

This pattern gives a twist to the traditional herringbone plank floor. Each floorboard consists of two rows of staves and is laid in this uneven pattern and in a mix of species and finishes the floor offers new experiences depending on the view angle.


The pattern runs in one direction, with the row staggering alternating between 129 mm and 450 mm. This creates an effect of the boards being coupled two and two, whilst still blending somewhat into each other.

Funderø Classic Danish a:gain junckers flooring

Product impact



Funderø upcycled parquet flooring gives the traditional parquet floor a modern and environmentally friendly update, without compromising on JUNCKERS' high quality. Funderø is upcycled from offcuts, originating from JUNCKERS' flooring production. Since JUNCKERS offers a wide range of wood species and finishes, our products are designed with mixes of these. With variations in both material and finish, each floor has a unique and visually interesting look, without taking up too much attention in the space. We believe that what sets Funderø apart is our work with mixing wood species, giving our parquet flooring a unique look and feel. We generally offer two groupings of wood species; 'Classic Danish' and 'Classic Court'. Funderø Classic Danish is a mix of ash and oak giving it a rich, classic aesthetic, that would fit any boardroom nicely.

CO₂ reduction versus similar products
of material alleviated from waste streams per m²

Documentation journey

✓ Calculated estimate
Internal LCA
Externally verified LCA
Funderø Classic Danish junckers a:gain flooring




Aesthetic features not suited for Junckers regular products are cut off and cut out


Length Cutting 

The features are cut out of long 2-strip jointed pieces at 895 or 387 mm resulting in a coherent material collection


Packing & mixing 

We sort our 8 different species/finishes so that we can control percentages when delivering a mix floor


Ready to lay 

The boards simply need no further work. They arrive with tongue and groove and are ready to be laid in a myriad of different patterns

Material Characteristics
We believe in honest materials and embrace their features.

Water marks: 

Beautiful and unique patterns


Smaller superficial, unfilled knots


Filled knots and holes


Smaller superficial checks or cracks


You can read more about the specifications of the safe and mild lacquer here

At a glance, the two finishes will appear similar or even the same, until you see the floor up against the light. Suddenly a subtle pattern will emerge adding a layer of experiential depth.

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