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Kiø Beech
Framed Acoustic Panels

Framed Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panel
Sound absorbing wall decor
Primarily cotton and polyester
Wood species
Red heart Beech
64 mm
984 mm
584 mm
Absorbtion class
Class B
Overgaard Wood
Made in

Characteristic wood

Red heart beech is incredibly characteristic and a delight for the eyes. Even more so, our red heart beech has been through a life cycle or two and this has further added to the wood's lively appearance. Read more in the Materials section!

Various textiles

We offer a myriad of waste-based textile absorbents. In the left hand menu you can select our various options. Please note: The website is currently being updated. Options will soon be functional.

Product impact



Kiø framed acoustic panels are made out of repurposed textile felt and upcycled discarded wood from a major Danish contractor. The textile felt used for Kiø is produced from worn-out workwear that can no longer be used for clothing or in other secondary clothing production. We have developed a method of sorting, where we acquire pure, clean fractions, which ensures the high quality of the end product. After sorting, the fabric is shredded; going from a woven material to becoming small, short fibers. The fibers are mixed with binders and a fire retardant. Finally, the materials are felted together into non-woven acoustic batts.

of material alleviated from waste streams per Kiø Beech panel, of which about 2 kg is textile
of textile waste is dumped or incinerated every year in the EU alone

Documentation journey

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Kiø Beech Wood a:gain


Delivery Beech


We collect our red heart beech from a major Danish contractor’s building sites. The dunnages are used to transport steel

Beech drying stacked a:gain

Milling and drying: 

The wood is then processed at Overgaard Wood, in Fredericia. Here the wood is cut into raw planks and dried completely

Beech Approach a:gain

Profiling and treatment: 

We seek to minimise the number of different profiles so that our manufacturing is agile. Furthermore, we always cut profiles that are optimised to the material



The red heart beech is turned into one of our final products. For example our Kiø Beech panel

Material Characteristics
We believe wood should be wood, that means we embrace its features.

Fungal patterns: 

Black lines from fungi. All fungi is neutralised in the drying process.

Red heart: 

Old beech trees develop an expressive reddish core

Kiø Beech Panel a:gain


The beech wood will vary from dark to very light

Red heart beech


The harsh conditions the wood has gone through is partly the reason for these features

a:gain's Kiø acoustic panel as used at novo nordisk office.


The panel is simply sanded and finished with a nude lacquer. The lacquer is waterborne and is durable and safe.

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