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Ebbø Nude
Acoustic Panelling

Acoustic Panelling

Acoustic panelling
Ceilings, walls and decoration
Pine wood
Discarded material from window frame production
Certified wood from sustainably managed forests in Northern Europe
16 mm
500 mm
2450 mm
Min. 450 kg. pr. m3
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Soft aesthetic

As a stark contrast to the typical lamella panels on the market, Ebbø stands with soft curves and a calm appearance.

Various textiles

We offer a myriad of waste-based textile absorbents. In the left hand menu you can select our various options. Please note: The website is currently being updated. Options will soon be functional.

Product impact



Ebbø paneling powered by a:gain is a sound-absorbing natural product built from discarded wood and offcuts from wood production. Our collaborator Norto has developed a special type of stick-glued wooden board, which consists of small remnants from regular production of boards, wooden profiles, and more. With this product, we have created a product that works by both reducing reflection, increasing diffraction, and (with the backing of sound-absorbent) absorption while giving a natural warmth and feeling. The product can be delivered fire-treated, painted, and waxed. The product is produced in Denmark and is made entirely of natural materials.

of embodied energy per m²
of material alleviated from waste streams per m²

Documentation journey

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Bits of offcuts are collected over time as VTI manufactures various wood products


Finger joining: 

The offcuts are joined lengthwise by finger joining them. This reconstitutes the offcuts to long pieces for further processing


Edge joining 

The longer finger jointed pieces are now joined up to boards be edge gluing them together


CNC milling 

The boards are now CNC milled to finished Ebbø panels. The panels are optimised for acoustic performance and posses a calm aesthetic

Material characteristics


Expect a lot of knots in the wood, as this is a discarded fraction

Ebbø Panel a:gain


The finish will still visibly show the grain structure of the wood, like an oiled finish would

Short pieces: 

Ebbø is made from a myriad of small pieces, meaning colour variation can happen many times in small spaces

Finger joints: 

finger joints will not be visible, however their cross sections will be

Ebbø Panel a:gain


Our waterborne wax comes in 3 colours, you can select between them in the left hand menu. The wax is sprayed on and needs no maintenance. It is possible to repaint the wax, should the colour need a touch up, after many years.

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